147 Days since Russia invaded…

147 Days since Russia invaded Ukraine – Keep Your Eyes on the Ball

It has been 147 days since Russia for the countless time invaded Ukraine. However, this latest in a long line of unprovoked imperial conquests against Ukraine Read more

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In aftermath of Russia’s Bombing…

In aftermath of Russia’s Bombing of Civilians, Zelenskyy Asks UN: ‘Why?’

Russia has continued its murder of Ukrainian men, women and children for more than four months. Some have explained this deadly, criminal onslaught as Moscow’s retribution for the Read more

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The Dangers of Boredom due to…

The Dangers of Boredom due to ‘Long-Drawn Trials’

Winston Churchill’s salient quote about finishing the job during World War Two has been making the rounds recently. And rightly so.

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy and other Kyiv officials have been imploring Read more

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Captive Nations Week 2022 – Most…

Captive Nations Week 2022 – Most Meaningful

Russia has again lived up to its aggressive, murderous reputation – as we have contended all along – and consequently Captive Nations Week 2022 will be most meaningful of all.

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Memorial Day Thoughts from Bataan…

Memorial Day Thoughts from Bataan to Mariupol

This being Memorial Day weekend I find myself watching one after another old and new war movies on TCM – a favorite hobby of mine.

This morning I watched “They Were Expendable,” Read more

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The Danger of History Repeating…

The Danger of History Repeating Itself – Free Ukraine is Vital for Humanity

More and more nowadays there are abundant examples of history repeating itself to the detriment of maltreated nations. Someone, sometime, somewhere did not heed the pleas Read more

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Poland’s President in…

Poland’s President in Ukraine’s Parliament: ‘Thank You for Rescuing Europe from Russia’

In another first by Poland, the President of Ukraine’s neighbor to the West became the first head of state to address the war-torn Ukrainian nation from the Read more

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He who has Naught … Steals and…

He who has Naught … Steals and Kills

Russians have been denigrating Ukraine, the nation, its language, religion and culture for as long as they’ve been trying to subjugate Ukrainians. They have incessantly believed and insisted that Ukrainians, though Read more

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Mama, Why … Why Me, PleadLittle…

Mama, Why … Why Me, Plead

Little Ukrainian Girls and Boys

I am updating this blog of April 18, 2022, from a little boy’s point of view. Before you read it, take note of the illustration. Its lines scribbled, Read more

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For Attacking the United Nations…

For Attacking the United Nations and other Crimes, Russia should be Expelled

When you boil it down to its basics, Vladimir Putin, president-fuhrer of Russia, attacked the United Nations.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres had invited himself to visit Read more

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