Holodomor Remembrance: Never…

Holodomor Remembrance: Never Forget; Never Forgive

For 90 years Ukrainians around the world, in many countries and in many forms, have shed tears amid reciting prayers for the intention of souls of the 7-10 million innocent Ukrainian men, women Read more

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NATO’s Unwanted Test of…

NATO’s Unwanted Test of Strengths

It was destined to happen.

Leaders of the captive nations’ independence movements, having emerged from the forests at the end of World War 2, warned the leaders of the free world that Russia will Read more

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Sound Advice: ‘Stick with…

Sound Advice: ‘Stick with Ukraine’

The New York Daily News, which in a different era coined the memorable maxim “The only good Red is a dead Red,” understands that regional and global peace is impossible with russia prowling for Read more

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Bloody Hands, Murder, Rape:…

Bloody Hands, Murder, Rape: Don’t Lose Your Capacity for Outrage

Despite unrelenting Russian bombardment, war crimes, rape and murder, the Ukrainian nation, much to its credit, defended by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, continues to astound the international community Read more

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Russia Resorts to Rape as Military…

Russia Resorts to Rape as Military Strategy; If Cutthroats Can’t, They’re issued Viagra

A United Nations special envoy has accused Russia of using rape and sexual assault as part of its “military strategy” and “deliberate tactic to dehumanize the victims” Read more

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UN, EU & G7 Condemn Russia for…

UN, EU & G7 Condemn Russia for Invading Ukraine While Supporting Kyiv in its Defense of Independence; PACE Joins Condemnation of Russia

The UN General Assembly passed today, October 12, a historic resolution by an overwhelming majority of member-states calling on Read more

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Putin Enacts ‘Forcerendum’ and…

Putin Enacts ‘Forcerendum’ and Illegally Annexes Four Ukrainian Oblasts;

Free World Denounces Action; Zelenskyy Demands Instant NATO Accession

Despite global warnings against annexing Ukrainian territory, Russian führer Putin enacted on September 30 the “forcerendum” he ordered in eastern Ukraine Read more

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Biden: Russia’s Atrocities in…

Biden: Russia’s Atrocities in Ukraine Make Blood Run Cold;

Zelenskyy: Ukraine Demands Punishment for Russian Crimes

Finally, in the aftermath of seven months of Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine, thousands of killed and raped civilians, indiscriminate slaughter of innocent Read more

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98% Believe in Ukraine’s Victory…

98% Believe in Ukraine’s Victory over Russia

Norman Vincent Peale, the well-known American Protestant clergyman and author best known for popularizing the concept of positive thinking, preached “Believe you can, and you can. Belief is one of the most Read more

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Russia – Terrorist State;…

Russia – Terrorist State; Russians – War Criminals

Was it difficult in May 1945 to convince the world that Nazi Germany was a terrorist state, the perpetrator of murder on a mass scale, of genocide? Was it difficult then Read more

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