Sound Advice: ‘Stick with…

Sound Advice: ‘Stick with Ukraine’

The New York Daily News, which in a different era coined the memorable maxim “The only good Red is a dead Red,” understands that regional and global peace is impossible with russia prowling for weak countries with indecisive allies. They are the low-hanging fruits that Moscow intends to grab to fill its prison of nations.

In the wake of the midterm elections that were filled with illogical GOP threats or promises of turning off financial and material support for Ukraine, the Daily News in an editorial on Sunday, November 13, advised that such a policy is premature and dangerous. The New York newspaper, once a noted voice of American conservativism and champion of captive nations, sided solidly with a Ukrainian victory by writing that Washington and its allies must help Ukraine defeat russia.

Following is the full text of its commentary.

“Months of russian occupation are over in Kherson, the strategically crucial Ukrainian port city. The major setback for Vladimir Putin’s troops should decisively end any talk of the United States soon ceasing its support for Ukraine. The chief objective must remain ending the brutal invasion — with hopes that a durable peace is soon negotiated on terms that send a decisive message to any other nation that seeks to roll over a weaker sovereign neighbor.

“Though it’ll be a narrow majority indeed, Republicans look close to retaking the majority in the U.S. House. If they do, a sizable contingent in the party, still in thrall to Donald Trump’s “America First” brand of isolationism, is expected to raise the volume on calls to pull the plug on American support for Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s defensive campaign. Daily, the likes of Tucker Carlson ask why on earth America is militarily entangled with Kyiv. Speaker-in-waiting Kevin McCarthy has already said the GOP will not write a ‘blank check’ funding those efforts.

“Nobody wants limitless billions to go out the door; placing reasonable conditions on cash is surely reasonable. But Putin initiated hostilities just 266 days ago. To so quickly lose stomach for following through on a pledge to support a friendly democratic nation — a commitment that involves putting no American lives at risk — would make a mockery of America’s global commitments.

“The balance is delicate indeed. Through soft and hard power alike, the United States and its many allies need to remain focused on helping Ukraine defeat russia without needlessly escalating the conflict or inadvertently sparking a wider regional conflagration.

“But the message of Kherson is to press on in the crucial mission of beating Putin back. The good guys can win this war.”

In the wake of Ukraine’s momentous victory in Kherson that drove hapless russian invaders out of the southern Ukrainian oblast, President Zelenskyy correctly declared that his country’s mission is to drive out russian cutthroats in uniforms that are more adept at raping underage girls from all regions of the country, including Donetsk, Luhansk and Crimea. That is the unassailable regional and global formula for peace and security.