Lithuania’s Grybauskaite tells…

Lithuania’s Grybauskaite tells Free World to Stop Hiding behind Article 5

The former president of Lithuania, the world’s latest Iron Lady, is not sitting quietly in her retirement.

Dalia Grybauskaite, who has been known to denounce Russia’s führer Vladimir Putin for his inherent belligerence, has criticized NATO for hiding behind its Article 5 while Ukraine is being mercilessly bombed by Russian invaders. She, alone among other current and former leaders, knows how to stop Russia’s war against Ukraine.

“Sanctions will not stop Putin, whatever they are. They are needed, but without the exceptions we see right now with the disconnection from the SWIFT and the exclusion of the energy sector and banks that service it,” Grybauskaite, a great unabashed friend and supporter of Ukraine, posted on Facebook. “Only a war can stop the war that has already begun. There is no need to pretend and try to calm your conscience by supplying Ukraine only with weapons and doing so too late. The people of Ukraine are now fighting the war for us,” she added.

Her observations, which should be echoed by all world leaders, are a necessary demonstration of how the former captive nations of Russian subjugation must support each other in the face of ongoing Russian aggression.

Grybauskaite further ridiculed those repeated statements that NATO cannot help Ukraine that “already sound pathetic and show the West’s cowardice.”

“Despite learning fast, the West still does not understand that there is a European war in Ukraine. Either you take part in it and fight the aggressor, or you stand and watch him destroy Ukraine and its people, becoming an accomplice in war crimes. Yes. An accomplice,” she wrote.

Grybauskaite understands well the essence of Putin and his diabolical plans noting that if Russia isn’t stopped in Ukraine then “we will end up needing to fight in any case, but in our countries already.”

“I am ashamed to hear NATO leaders and officials muttering that they ‘cannot engage in the conflict,’ but we could do so in Syria, Libya, Africa, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan? Today, Ukraine is fighting for the survival of its nation and the peace in Europe,” the former Lithuanian president said.

“Glory to Ukraine. Glory to its heroes, only to its heroes for now, because others are not yet visible on the horizon.”

Last summer there was a move to have Grybauskaite named secretary-general of NATO. That campaign should continue until that happens.

Šlovė Lietuvai!

Glory to Ukraine!